Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana)

We provide our Customers with cut and digged Nordmann trees. 


Our experience in production of Nordmann fir has been acquired through 20 years of every day nurturing and quality improvement. Throughout those years we have successfully built a customer base covering every possible type of wholesalers and retailers – big companies, florists, entrepreneurs from unrelated fields who consider Christmas trees sales to be their additional source of income, churches, charities etc. For 90% of our customers we are the only or main provider of Christmas fir. Feedback we receive helps us to improve and make sure that quality of our trees, customer service and our prices are always better than expected.

Currently we grow approximately 1 million trees at 250 hectares of hilly land. All our trees are graded according to European Grading Guide for Nordmann Fir into classes from 1st to 4th. We manage our resources in a way that enables us to provide longstanding and dependable supply of Nordmann fir to every customer in every place in Europe. We approach our customers individually, helping them to choose right grade of trees for their market, providing advice for beginners and always trying to find the best solutions for arising challenges.

We have also worked on perfecting our supply chain for many years to add a final touch to our customers‘ experience. We continue to develop our knowledge, skills and administration to make sure you will always consider us the best business partner.

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