We are a Christmas trees plantation located approximately 200 km from Berlin and 500 km from Praha. Our company was established in 1996 with Danish capital and since then has been selling Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) to Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Austria and Poland. All trees in our offer come from our own plantation located at 250 hectares of hilly fields.




On our plantation in northwestern Poland we keep around 1 million Christmas trees in different stages of growth in constant production. Efficient planning of farming processes makes our Customers confident in quality of our products and our capability to fulfill any bulk order. It makes long term cooperation with us smooth and risk-free.

Plantation in Zdrójno has been known for good quality products, great costumer service and very competitive prices. 90% of our wholesale customers consider us their main or only source of Nordmann fir. Feedback we receive enables us to constantly improve the quality of our products and keep our prices on a level that ensures the highest possible profit for any retailer.

Thanks to our experienced staff, professional equipment and well-developed logistics we can fulfill any bulk order and send it to every place in Europe.

Our staff can always help you with your own Christmas trees business. From professional advice about sales (we sell approx. 100.000 trees each year, so we know the business well) and your own plantation management, to professional training of your own employees and providing our own staff to take care of your trees – we always do everything we can to help you grow your business.


Please do not hesitate to contact and visit us. We are looking forward to cooperation with you.



Headquarters and plantation:

Phone +48 791 601 736
e-mail: office@agrozdrojno.pl

Zdrójno 1
73-240 Bierzwnik
NIP: 594 14 34 383

Wholesale area near Poznań and domestic sales:

Phone +48 512 919 811
e-mail: piotr@agrozdrojno.pl

Zdrójno Sp. z o.o.